Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pen And Ink Dog Portrait

pen and ink dog art
Pen and Ink Gordon Setter Portrait

I bought a set of three Micron pens and made this portrait of a Gordon Setter to see how the Micron would compare to the Staedtler technical pen that I normally use for my pen and ink dog portraits. The number 01 Micron point seemed to be the closest to the .30 point of my tech pen so that's the one I drew with. The result came out  fairly similar to how the drawing would look if made with the technical pen although the dots in the stippling technique I used seem to be a bit larger.

Overall I like the Micron pen, it uses black archival drawing ink and costs less than a technical pen but  it isn't refillable so don't know if it will be more affordable than the technical pen in the long run. Guess whether it is or not depends on how many pictures I can make with one pen. The finest point the Micron pen comes in is 005 which I definitely will want to try out.

Another new thing I tried with this portrait is the paper. I normally make my pen and ink art on watercolor paper but this portrait was drawn on paper made specifically for acrylics. It felt kind of strange on the long strokes but I think that was because of the slightly different texture than what I'm used to working on. But the texture didn't have any noticeable difference in the completed portrait.

So there you have it, if you want to try out pen and ink drawing I recommend getting a Micron pen.