Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bird and Nature Lover Gifts

This hummingbird picture is a new digital painting and it's one of my favorites, I think the design is especially suited for pillows.

Fun Toucan art on wall decals:

The Ruby Throated humminbird is also sold on posters and art prints with framing available:

Or maybe you would like to see this hummingbird art on clocks with the design spanning the entire clock:

Female Northern cardinal from an original acrylic painting, here it is on fleece blankets:

This Northern cardinal painting is also sold on jigsaw puzzles with 252 pieces to keep you busy:

Canvas prints available too:

The Black Capped Chickadees are one of my favorite birds, here you see them on wall clocks:

Chickadee Clocks
Chickadee Clocks by waterart
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Another clock but this time ( no pun intended) with loon art:

Loon Clocks
Loon Clocks by waterart
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White Swans, this is a digitized version of a watercolor painting, here it is seen on beautiful ceramic tiles: