About Artist

Elizabeth Cereby - Hobby Artist

I'm a self taught artist living in Canada. The closest I came to a formal art education was a correspondence course I took while still in my teens. Animals and nature are the dominant themes in my art, especially birds and dogs. I enjoy waking up to the sound of birds outside my bedroom window in the early mornings of spring and summer. It refuels my desire to paint the things I have a passion for.

I paint in watercolor, acrylic and enjoy working in pen and ink, the medium I feel most comfortable with. Since learning how to use a computer I have been making computer art with Paintshop Pro, Photoshop Elements and most recently with a vector graphics program called Inkscape.

Prints and gift items featuring my computer artwork are sold at various online retailers including www.zazzle.com/waterart* , waterart.imagekind.com

If you are interested in buying an original painting or commissioning a pet portrait, or have any questions about my art please don't hesitate to contact me.

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